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August 2010



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Aug. 10th, 2010

Day Five went well


Aug. 5th, 2010

Day Four

 Ran seven miles yesterday and didn't eat anything till the evening, when I gave in, purged and gave in again. I shake my head at myself in disgusted amazement. I weighed myself this morning (day five), and I haven't gained. Still 123,45.


Fasting seems to get me to binge. Since I'm stubborn, I will continue fasting - NOT to loose weight as my priority this time, but to conquer my binge tendencies. I fast to get more discipline today. I'm pretty much at my goal weight anyway and I might go lower, so I'm not that anxious about weight. The thing I'd like more is some tone.

But I am concerned about the fast-binge-purge pattern I'm developing. I don't want this and I know it's not healthy. So I will keep it in check.

I went sleeping too late yesterday and now I'm too tired to go running. I'll take a break and do some sit-ups and lunges. 

I wish everyone reading this a happy day!

Aug. 3rd, 2010

Day Three

123,45lbs this morning.

 Parents gone for a week and me alone at home. :)

Due to my melting away in the heat, I couldn't run more than 2,3 miles.

I ate nothing until 6 pm and was really fine. I wasn't really hungry even then, but I didn't plan this day as a fasting day, so I told myself I *had* to eat something, lest the watermelon in the fridge goes bad.

So I ate the watermelon slices my mum prepared for me yesterday. I ate some leftover steamed meat, bell peppers, egg whites, almonds, dark bread and so on. Then a huge toothache hit.

I took an aspirin, but it wouldn't go away. As I swished dissolved aspirin in my mouth, I made the only thing that would help, or so I thought: yoghurt with 2 teaspoons of home-made marmalade. Cold, and soft and a bit sweet. It triggered the need for chocolate and ice cream with frozen banana.

Damn, I went well over 1000, but, I suspect, I'm still under 1800, my maintenance calories. I don't feel bad about the taste of the food, just about the bloated feeling it gave me.

Why do I get the sudden impression eating has a negative effect on me? I breathe a lot easier when I'm empty.

In any case, the next 2 days are planned fasting days. Water only, maybe black coffee. And coffee with some skim milk if If I feel lethargic, but I doubt it. Day 2 of fasting always seems to be the day you get energy from nowhere.

Wish me luck!

Aug. 2nd, 2010

Eat this not that

 Why eat vanilla ice cream (150g = 300 kcal), when you can eat one frozen banana (150g +150kcal) ?

Half the calories, important nutrients, similar taste and it's so creamy! :)

Second Day

 This morning, I weighed 126,7 lbs.

I went tanning in the morning and slept at home until 5 pm.

Then I ate, spread over 4 hours and thin slices of colourfully arranged food.

100g skim milk (50 kcal), 100g yoghurt (50kcal), one hard boiled egg (90 kcal), 40g oatmeal (150 kcal), 50g mustard (34 kcal), one small apple (50 kcal), one plum (50 kcal), some cinnamon (26 kcal), one red bell pepper (30 kcal), some hot peppers and garlic (can't be more than 30 kcal), 2 slices Wasa rye bread (60 kcal).

Total 620 kcal.


I feel good. Tomorrow is running day. I missed it! <3